Anonymous asked: Just finished reading "Leave the pieces" and I can't deal with life right now. Your fics are like this self destructing thing I do; I KNOW I will cry because of them, but the plots and the writing is so good I can't help myself. Goddamn. The epilogue destroyed me, it's just-- hnnhhkshsdkhdid -dies-

Ahh, thank you so much! That story was so fun to write, and especially the epilogue, I just couldn’t let it go - I think that was a 30k epilogue? So I’m really happy you found it moving, and I appreciate the note very much (it’s not too intense at all :3) More stories to come! I’m hoping to update my WIP today…

Anonymous asked: What made you start to like Kyman? :) Just wondering, I remember you saying something about really disliking it a few years ago

Oh yeah, I HATED Kyman when I first got into SP fandom! And I still hate it if it’s done in a way that annoys me (particularly ~beautiful victim~ Kyle and cackling rapist Cartman - often in a bonus “historical” setting!). But if Kyle and Cartman are in character I can enjoy it, especially in art.

I think it was the art that made me tolerant and eventually kind of interested in the possibilities - not the OTT porny stuff but the more humorous/light hearted stuff like this. I can’t see them ending up together as adults (Stan/Kyle OTP ;__;), but I like the idea of Cartman pining for Kyle as a kid/teenager and Kyle maybe testing the waters by seeing if he can control Cartman with this and possibly getting something out of it in the meantime, or growing cautiously fond of Cartman if he starts to treat Kyle differently. Their dialogue is really fun to write when they’re not just exchanging insults.

Anonymous asked: I recently read through your entire Ao3 account. I love your writing! I was totally engrossed and when I was finished with each my spirit was lifted. Thanks for sharing your writing, you are truly talented!

That is so good to hear, thank you for telling me! More to come - I’m working on the summer camp AU today, and I hope I can update that story tomorrow or Thursday. The encouragement is very appreciated :3

Going by the fan art you’d think Kyle carries around a chainsaw in at least 5 out of 10 South Park episodes. He’s a lumberjack and he’s PISSED!

I get why Tweek is often pictured with coffee and Craig with his middle finger up but why the chainsaw. If we’re going to pick a random accessory that appeared in a single episode to symbolize Kyle I say it should be the hemorrhoid donut.

Anonymous asked: So first I have to tell you that I fell in love with your Star Trek fics, and then I stopped reading in that fandom and decided one day to see if there were any good South Park fanfics, and then I find yours! Imagine my surprise to realize that you were the writer of some of my favorite Star Trek fanfics! I love your writing. Anyway, I do have an actual question: what's your thought on omega verse, knotting, all that stuff and would you ever write it?

Oh awesome, I’m really happy you got into South Park fandom! Glad you’ve been enjoying my SP fics, too, and thanks so much for letting me know.

I think the A/B/O verse stuff is great and insane in a fun way and I wish people wrote it in South Park fandom! I’d be pretty psyched to read some. I’ve tried reading it in other fandoms (mostly just SPN) because I like the concept, but haven’t been able to get into it because I’m not that into reading in other fandoms generally.

I actually started to try to write some South Park A/B/O, but at this point it probably won’t happen, because I’ve got too many other SP projects I want to do. Here are my notes for the SP A/B/O verse I was thinking about writing, if you’re curious (it was harem-style A/B/O, lol, if that’s even a thing):

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ros3lyn asked: I have a problem & I don't know if you can help(guess it's worth a try. It's about South Park, btw) I got into SP over the fandom(FF's)& then started watching the show. I really got into the fandom again(FF's & stuff)but stopped watching SP. I just don't know if I still like the humor. My issue is, I feel like a hypocrite when I'm reading fanfictions & not watching the show anymore! It's probably silly, but I really feel bad about this, because the SP-fandom is my only fandom. What can I do now?

I’m going to answer this publicly because I know some of the people I follow feel the same way - and you shouldn’t feel like a hypocrite at all! I don’t really enjoy the newer episodes of the show much myself. I feel like the show had more heart and substance in the past, and that if I tried to get into it based on the newer stuff I don’t think I could. I did love the video game, but I don’t think that in this case or any case (but especially in this case…) you have to love the canon to enjoy the fandom/fanon/what’s been extrapolated from the original source. There have always been things about the show that I didn’t enjoy, like its particularly cruel humor, Mr. Hankey-ish junk, and I even hate it when Kenny dies, pff. I don’t feel bad about it - being inspired by something because you see problems that you want to address is just as valid as loving something enough to want to write “more” of it, and I’ve enjoyed the fact that SP fandom is some combination of both for me.

Anonymous asked: Ohgosh, your writing is, like, an inspiration. Going through your Ao3 account and really, really loving it. I'm not confident in my fic writing, but reading all your great fics makes me want to try again, ohmygosh. Just, like- eek, the way you characterize every one whether it's about a fat camp or banging or mpreg is really great. *hides in hoodie* And then that Toy Story one you wrote was also really entertaining. Just, you're awesome.

Thank you so much!! That is the best compliment, dang, I really hope you will try writing again! I still struggle with my confidence at times and honestly was not good at all until my mid-twenties, but keeping at it so that you can both get practice and maintain the habit of writing on a regular basis is the only way that I know of to improve. Also happy to know that you like the range of material from AUs to porn to mpreg, hahaa, I love that South Park is the kind of universe where all this stuff seems to fit. Glad to know you liked the Toy Story one, too, and thanks again for the note! <3

Anonymous asked: do you like butter pecan ice cream ?

No! Haaa and I actually love this ask because my parents ALWAYS bought this flavor (Breyers…) when I was growing up and I would open the freezer to see ice cream that DIDN’T COUNT. The agony. Vanilla was my second least favorite and also their second most frequently purchased, but if they got that I could still douse it with chocolate sauce (if we had it) and strawberries and peanuts, or whatever we had on hand to make it edible. 

Cookies & Cream or Moose Tracks were my thing, fyi. Now my thing is peanut butter flavored Yoforia, but in general my junk foods are all salty crap these days.

It’s true that way way back in the past you didn’t have “headcanons” about Token loving owls, end of discussion. You had elaborate fanons and works of meta that challenged and upheld bits of fanon in conversation with other fanons and source material. Now we have Tumblr, which is just a mountaintop from which to make baseless announcements about Token’s owl fetish, full stop. Token fucks owls.” -SekritOMG


I’m so happy that Holly started to tag Stan/Kyle as Marshlovski because this is the coolest name for this pairing ;_;

I won’t call it style anymore, I’m living the Marshlovski dream now

Yes!! I hope this becomes a trend.

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